Dew Episodes

A.K.A. Info

When I was Twenty One I added the number "zero" to the middle of my first name (Je0ff) and started signing all artwork & art related projects with this alias. It soon grew and took over my birth name.

At first it was meant to be exactly what it says (Zero) but it became more to do with nothing and nothingness. Then "as I got older" I thought it to be the perfect counter to Malcolm and his X. Now Twenty One years later & half my life... I realize it equals naught & in that way it has been perfect.

Saintfall was a painting & poem I did when we first moved to Chicago and soon became my preferred alias during the 6 years there.

Each penname has developed its own signature over time.

2 new pennames in 2005; NonAnchorMan and AssGiant. New works will be signed by one or the other.