Dew Episodes

Family Portrait Series, Chicago (1999-2000)

This series started at my second child's birth. When realizing she was born with a disability. What I thought to be a series on the shock of this information turned out to be about our unity as a family and our ability to endure change gracefully. It's a portrait of a year and a process of healing for me on a personal level. The series takes note on the seasons, the city, our house, family and the dynamics within. All work from this series is under my (1995 - 2000) pen name Saintfall. I would like to note also that this series and this set of circumstance is a major part of my exploration in new media. It's made me look at what I really want in Art and in an audience. It's made me look at alternate ways of getting my ideas beyond gallery walls.

I started back to school after this show. To learn how to do this. Publish my work on the web.